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Based on what I've heard here in metro-Boston, you should also be able to find WDOV-DE, KQV-PA, and WING-OH.

Mark Connelly, WA1ION

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Taking advantage of WPOP being off-air, I turned on the PL-310 and listened in nulling the North Direction, generally pointing NW.

The first station is "WMSX 1410 your station for christian..." and fade out. Heard this at Bottom of Hour 19:31 EST. WMSX is a Christian programmed station according to AMLOGBOOK. FCC indicates Brockton, MA as location 156 Watts at a distance of 168.1 km.

Second Station took a bit of listening, as it was an ESPN affiliate. I have one previously logged besides WPOP. This station at Top of Hour used the slogan "The Winner ESPN Radio 1410" or something very close, I can't exactly remember. "The Winner" is important here, as its not the other ESPN affiliate from Elmira, NY. This affiliate is WNER from Watertown, NY using 58 Watts at a distance of 370.3 km. This is "Antenna Lights" station #27 being 6.38 km/W. Time was initially 19:46 but positive ID (logged in) at 20:01 EST

The third station was caught in a quiet moment at Top of Hour in which I heard WI(CZ)M 1410. It turns out that this is WIZM from LaCrosse, WI broadcasting 5000 Watts at a distance of 1516.4 km. This station makes the "DX" (Distance only) Page. No idea what the programming is, just caught the callsign and 1410 amidst the several competitors.

One relog here of WENU Glenn Falls, NY playing more or less Classic Country. It was the most dominant and consistant RX here, though I would only rate it Fair.

My ULRX log will be shortly updated here and on website. 74 stations count as DX, there are now 27 Antenna Lights, and the overall station count is 467.

Paul S. in CT (lotsa snow)

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