Re: Best Audio Quality FM Portable with DX Capability...

Kevin Schanilec

That's good info on the Porta-Pros. I see that their impedance is 60 ohms, twice that of my Senneiser PX-100's. It is my understanding that the higher impedance really helps cut down on the noise.

Using a headphone volume attenuator, adding an extra 50 ohms (to around 80 total ohms of impedance) is where the Sennheisers hear zero noise withthe PL-310 et al.


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I've read that some folks hear a hiss on the 310, but I don't with PortaPros or Sennheiser IE 7s. I even hooked it up to a 'scope to see if maybe I could see the noise and didn't. There's also no DC at 0 volume.

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