Longwave Ultralights

Kevin Schanilec

Hi all:

With the current surge of interest in longwave Ultralights, I did a little more research into what is available, other than the Tecsun PL-300WT, 310, 369, 380 and 606. The availability of these would have to verified before they are blessed as Ultralights, since wide availability is one of the criteria:

- Sony M37L, which tunes 153-279, but only in 9 khz steps. The UK seller I contacted doesn't ship outside the UK, so not sure these are widely avalable.
- Roberts Sport 925, Sports 924 (9924), and Sports 994 (9994): these analog models appear to be Sangean re-brands, and may be able to be aligned upwards to tune much higher than 280 khz.
- Roberts Sports 998: this appears to be a LW version of the Sangean DT-210, and presumably has a fixed 153-279 tuning range and perhaps 3 khz tuning steps at best?
- Roberts 9917: this digital set appears to be the Sangean DT-220 with LW, and apparently RDS for FM(!). I believe Gary reported that FM on the DT-220 was actually quite good, but that MW was quite lacking.
- Steepletone STR-616: the eBay seller claims to ship worldwide.

Anyone know what other models are out there??

Kevin S

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