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Hi Henk,
Where do you obtain the SRF-M37L? I'm not familiar with that model, with the

Hi Steve,

the M37L is a European version (I guess) of the M37W with longwave in stead of the weather band. I bought one in 2007 in a Sony Centre in Belgium (for about 70 euros) and another one on Ebay (annanovauk, a UK-seller) for about 50 euros (+ P&P), last year. Right now on Ebay, "annovafr" (or annovauk) is offering a M37L for about 60 euros (+ P&P)
The main disadvantage of this radio (apart from the known selectivity problems of the M37W) is its limitation to a 9 or 10 khz AM tuning scheme, which means I have to listen to Europe1 on 180khz in stead of 183khz.


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