A Couple New Stations Heard From The Arctic State of Oklahoma

Kirk <kirk74601@...>

Brrr, it's cold here in Oklahoma lately. I apologize for not reporting lately, but I think my hands are half frozen! Anyway, two new stations to report this time.

This one is Thanks To a Recent Tip From Richard Allen, my neighbor to the South!
660, KEYZ, Willston, ND, 1320 UTC, 1/9/11, weak sta here w/ C&W mx and lcl ads turned out to be this one! Although no official ID was hrd, the lcl ads tipped me to the ID w/ mentions of Willston and more than one mention of their area code 701. Thanks, Richard!

700, XEGD, Hidalgo de Parrall, Chihuahua, 0115-0140 UTC, 1/10/11, Hrd this mixing with XEETCH (Sonora) both in the null of a vy strong WLW. This one actually was dominant in the null for over half my listening time which yielded 3 "La Poderosa" IDs. From what I could tell, they were playing mostly bandera and a few romantica songs. Lots of lcl ads were hrd which did help in confirming the La Poderosa IDs.

73 to all and best of DX during what appears to be a very outstanding North American DX season!

Kirk Allen
Ponca City, OK

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