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Kevin Schanilec

Hi Peter:

Here is one source for Mexico:


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This is fun. I have only been listening at night for about an hour or
so before going to bed. Any ideas on 530? What's a good place to
find Mexican info? I have to guess from the frequency, since my
Spanish is very poor to non-existent. I found one list -- which lead
me to guess about XEWF -- but I think that was only "big" stations
with streaming content.

I was excited to hear the clock station from Cuba, too! Didn't
realize what it was until I heard the RR at the top of each minute.
Can't find the email from the other day that mentioned it though.

530 - SS YL with DEEP echo
540 - Jazz/EZL
540 - XEWF? - SS pub aff. "Voce del ...". "Hora Nationale"
567 - Clock station in Cuba
570 - KSNM, Las Cruces, NM - "Southern New Mexico" Fox Sports
580 - WIBW - Topeka, KS
1350 - KCAR, Clarksville, TX, 65 W @ night?? - Mike North sports

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