Re: a new ultra-lite with MP3 player/recorder...


Hi James-Joseph:

Welcome to the Ultralight group! I hope you are finding the information
here valuable.

The DE1123 looks like an interesting unit, and is certainly a small
package. With the built-in MP3 player it would not meet the definition of
an UltraLight radio for purposes of contests and records submissions, but
certainly may be a good radio to have, given all its features. I hope the
lady in the other group has time to review it. I was told that a review
on highlighted it shortcomings (I don't read Chinese, so am not
able to relate exactly what it says - Gary???), so it would be good to get
more information posted on it.

Regards - Kevin S
Bainbridge Island, WA

check out this link for the new 1123 radio...this price does not make
sense to me...a lady in another group has ordered it, and will review
it very soon...i will post her thoughts...below is a description...

Check This Out: Degen DE1123 DSP AM /FM / SW Shirt Pocket SW Radio

best dxing,

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