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balise2001 <aunumero13@...>

Bonjour Charly !

It's about the same here (near Chambery) under daylight conditions.
Only 162, 183, 216 and 234 are audible (both France Inter and RMC being pretty weak).

I did not purchase this unit for its LW abilities neither, but I would still improve its sensitivity to catch some NDBs in the 280-500 kHz range.

MW is far better (though it's a powerful station, Saudi Arabia on 1521 is an easy catch in the evening). Just for fun, I also intend to catch the largest number of MW stations.


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Hi everyone, et bonjour aux francophones,

I've tested LW this morning from the Paris area with my PL-390 (with a
longer loopstick than the PL-310 ?) :
- 162 : very good
- 234 : very good

Nothing else so far, only a few mumble sometime but not possible to

Very disappointing, but I did not buy it for LW so I don't mind. It was
the first time I switched my radio to LW ;-). In MW I can catch most of
western Europe (didn't try DX so far).

By the way, on the PL-390, the antenna input jack is labeled "SW ant".
Does this mean that the internal loopstick remains active when the radio
is used for MW & LW ?

Best regards,


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