State Number 39 recorded


It was down in the noise but it was a clear channel. There it was KGHL, 790 AM, Billings Montana. I caught them at their 9PM (CST) ID - "…serving eastern Montana and northern Iowa for over 80 years, the mighty 790 KGHL Billings Montana". I checked the internet and there was a reference to a 1930 mention of someone hearing that station. I'll take it. The BOG (BOIce) was pointed NW and I was getting a lot of MN and IA stations that evening so the 1000 foot ice beverage is really working! I'll move it South a tick and start looking for ID, WA or OR.
More one the BOG as I gather up my notes on the SW direction 5 day experiment.

Ed Semrad
Lake Villa IL

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