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terribly wet

Curious..what program opens a .xls file ?

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I uploaded a simple Excel spreadsheet that I use for all of my MW loggings
to the "DXing Techniques" folder (Number 4) of the group's Yahoo website.
Nothing fancy or pretty, just simple and to-the-point. It's called

If I had more time (and more knowledge in writing Excel macros) I could
generate the macros to automatically calculate the DIST (distance) and AZ
(azimuth) cells based on the LAT (latitude) and LON (longitude) cells. If I
had even more time, I guess it would be possible to generate a lookup
function using the FCC's tables and grab the LAT/LON data from those.

Anyway, it's what I use. Enjoy!

73 and Great DX'ing,

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Clear Lake City, TX

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