Re: unid help

Carl DeWhitt

--- I still need help with WORD 1300,WGPS 860,AND WBHB 800.
WLOL has been I.D.ed as WLLL and WCVR has been I.D.ed as WBBR.I
mistakenly wrote down the wrong frequency on the later.It is 1130.
Carl DeWhitt

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I may need some help with the following stations:
At 2304-2311 EDT 10.14.08 i had the following station:
WLOL 930 "Gospel 930 WLOL" and an ad for Heavenly Christian
bookstore.However i can not find a match in my online searching.
WORD 1300-i thought this on id,ed as nx radio 1300
WORD ,Greenville.But
i did not find a match.heard 10.19.08 at 1829--1831 EDT.
WGPS 860. i.d. i thought i heard"forget the talk ,we like to
rock,oldies 860,WGPS" heard 10.24.08 at 2026-2040 EDT.No match found.
WBHB 800-I thought this was the i.d. on this one 'nx radio...WBHB'
heard 10.25.08 at 2043-2045 match found.
WCVR 1160-This station id,ed as being in New York.They were carrying
Notre Dame football and had an ad for the Princeton Longevity
can not find a match on the calls.heard 10.25.08 at 2137-2139 EDT.

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