3 New States and over 50 new stations logged


Hi everybody,

I have a new addition to the radio shack. I have added a BOG. Early last month I decided to make a change. My station count hit a plateau and logging anything new became a real challenge. Fortunately I live on a lake with an unobstructed 180 degree view of N-W-S so unrolling 1000 ft of wire at night on the ice sounded promising (I guess the antenna would be a BOIce). Every few days I change the direction 45 degrees.
It worked! Beyond my wildest dreams. Where I would normally hear 50 and 10 kw. stations with a treat of a few 5 kw. ones, I now am regularly logging 5 and 1 kw. stations with an occasional 500 or 250 watt station. Sunrises and sunsets are phenomenal. The dominant station on virtually every frequency is constantly changing. The background noise seems to have been reduced also. Even my daytime stations have multiplied. My highlights are:

At sunrise on 12/18 I rolled it out E-W and recorded WTIC 1080 CT.

During the early AM of 12/20 I relogged KFI 640 CA and added KNX 1070 CA. Later I grabbed KWHG 750 NV (They had to be running daytime power). OK, WY and KS stations were strong.

On 1/4 in the early AM through sunrise it was pointed N-S and I recorded WAQI 710 FL (in SS with an Eng ID) along with WFTL 850 FL to boot. New Cubans, GA and AL were also logged.

Each day I am adding 5 to 10 new stations. Being able to devote 8 hours a day to listening doesn't hurt either.
Although I now am in the unlimited class I feel that I had to make this change in order to keep the enthusiasm up and to keep the logged/recorded totals growing.

Totals now are 536 stations, 38 states, 6 Canadian provinces and 4 countries.


Lake Villa, IL

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