Re: South Korea in Ireland on an UL!


What amazes me is that Paul can have China on 1521 and Taiwan on 1557
when, here on this side of the pond, Saudi Arabia is smokin' loud on
1521 (with low-power Spain as that channel's only other occupant) and
France does a pretty good job on 1557 - sometimes at similar level to
WQEW 1560 NYC. I'd think that even relatively clear 1566 would be a
challenge with 2 UK stations (admittedly low power) plus Benin, Iran,
and India.

In the '70s, when China was on 1525, it was heard widely at North
American coastal sites, especially in autumn around sunset in the New
England states, Long Island, and the NJ shore.

Mark Connelly, WA1ION - Billerica, MA, USA

Hi Paul,

Congratulations on your HLAZ-1566 logging. That station is one
of the "top seven" TP's heard on the west coast here, and is frequently
logged barefoot by DXers at Grayland and other coastal locations (a
barefoot DT-400W recording of it is in the Ultralightdx file section).

Your east Asian loggings on the Ultralights are really
outstanding, and we hope you will continue to chase Japan, and other
Far East countries.

73, Gary

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