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Kevin Schanilec

That's interesting that it took so long to ship. It seems that the T615 is getting less and less common, so perhaps they needed to get some more? The T615 used to be fairly common on Taobao in China, but the last time I checked there was only 1 for sale.


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FWIW I ordered a Sony T615 from Audio Cubes II. I placed my order on the
15th of December and just got the email saying it was shipped on the 7th of
January. You can check their web site to see what else may be available.

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The caption with a blue background at the start of the video says the
receiver is a SRF-M606, so it is probably that one :-)

Peter, Blackpool UK

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Hello all.....

Reviewing some posts and web searches....

Found this link to a you tube post....

Algeria, 549, heard in Spain.


The gentleman is using a WRTH and a SONY radio.

Would anyone what model is in the video?



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