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Kevin Schanilec

Here is what Sony is claiming to be their overseas models (i.e., not meant for sale in Japan, I presume):
The T615 is still in there (hey - why mess with a good thing?). Remarkably, the SRF-59 and M37W, both available widely here, are not even mentioned.

The little T46 and R46 look interesting - I wonder if they are the SRF-59 with a speaker??? They are not available in the USA as far as I can tell, but there are lots of Japanese sellers with them. On Taobao, the Chinese version of eBay, they would probably run 60 bucks after all is said and done, a bit steep IMHO.


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Speaking of SONY radios made to sell in other parts of the world than the USA, does anyone know of a place to order them from the USA? I know about Royal Trading on eBay, but they don't have too many models.- FARMERIK

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Looks like it is the Sony SRF-M606 or SRF-M806. I recall doing some research into these models, which are essentially the same as the vaunted T615 except it was difficult to tell if either version tuned in 9 and 10 khz steps and/or covered the 1600-1700 portion of the band (there are American and European version, I believe). They are about the same price as the T615, so probably stick with a known quantity:-)


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Hello all.....

Reviewing some posts and web searches....

Found this link to a you tube post....

Algeria, 549, heard in Spain.


The gentleman is using a WRTH and a SONY radio.

Would anyone what model is in the video?



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