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How about a group buy? If you buy a six-pack I'll buy one of the rolls from you w/ some extra for your efforts.

I bet you'd be able to find takers for the remaining 4 rolls here too?


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Hello all and a healthy and happy New Year

Does anyone have a source for 2" J & J waterproof tape that sells single rolls? I really don't think I'll ever use six rolls of it, which is the only lot sold anywhere on the internet, and 1" tape really doesn't do the job.



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Hi Steve,

The 7.5" external loopsticks that you heard about were initially designed
for the Tecsun PL-360 model, which has an ideal antenna plug-in socket (and
a very deaf stock loopstick). 22 of the MW plug-in loopsticks were sent out
to various DXers last spring, but it wasn't until recently that there was
time here to run A/B tests to design an LW version of the plug-in

The construction and design of the MW version is described in the file
posted at _
( . Although designed for the PL-360, the external loopsticks
work equally well with modified PL-380's and PL-310's, and the MW plug-in
version has been used with both of these models to receive various TP's
(Trans-Pacific DX stations).

73, Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA, USA)

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Hi Steve:

Welcome to the Group! As it turns out, my first DX receiver purchase was a
7600GR about 5 years ago, when I got back into DXing after a long hiatus.
The 7600GR is a fine receiver, although its size and features disqualify it
from being an Ultralight; nevertheless, we'd like to hear how your DXing
goes (and of course encourage you to look into an Ultralight for your next

We don't have an absolutely strict "Ultralight only", but do ask that
posts generally concern these types of receivers. For an explanation of what
Ultralight DXing is all about, please look over at the left-hand side of the
site here to the Files section, and in the folder marked "1. Start Here"
you will find a handful of files that discuss what an Ultralight is, what the
top models are, etc.

As for the inquiry regarding the external loopsticks, I'll let Gary
elaborate, but at this point they are for the Tecsun PL-360 Ultralight, as well
as other receivers that can be modified to accept them.

Again, welcome aboard!

Kevin S

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Hi, my name is Steve Ultis, new to this group & DXing
recently purchased a Sony ICF-7600GR
not sure if if that qualifies
I read in a post that Gary (I think) makes external loopstcks for
MW & LW, I'd like to know more
Morris, Illinois

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