Re: ferrite antennas

Gary Kinsman

Plus, with the Twin Coil you can move the antenna independently from the radio, which adds to its convenience.

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Hi Gary:

Sorry to hear about the Radio West loop's demise: there are a couple options currently. The Twin Coil works pretty well, in my experience about the same as a much-cheaper Terk air-core loop (or its Grundig or Select-a-tenna equivalent). I did some tests in an article entitled "Comparing Small MW DXing Antennas.pdf", in "Folder 5. Antennas and Equipment" of the "Files" section here, if you want to see what I concluded. Both the Twin Coil and Terk Loop/similar are generally compatible will all portables, with the Twin Coil having an amplified output for a tabletop receiver.

Kevin S

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