BOG mini Dxpedition - six new stations logged today


Late this afternoon just before sunset I setup my 1000 foot BOG antenna along a Rails-To-Trails path just south of Rochester, NY. The antennna pointed towards 282 magnetic.

I started listening at local sunset - fair results - bagged six new stations, all off the front of the antenna

Radio - Tecsun PL310

600 WMT - Cedar Rapids, IA
1210 WJNL - Kingsley, MI
1250 WGL - Fort Wayne, IN
1310 WIBA - Madison, WI
1370 WSPD - Toledo, OH - interesting as we have a local on this freq, not audable when radio hooked to BOG.
1440 WDRJ - Inkster, MI

So far Ultralight loggings are at 280 stations - 30 US states, 4 Canadian Provences, 3 countries.

Next time I need to set this up later at night in hopes of logging more distant stations from the Western 1/2 of the US.

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