Re: Question on Fall Follies ULR Contest

John H. Bryant <bjohnorcas@...>

Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2008 09:51:52 -0700
From: "John H. Bryant"
Subject: Re: Question on Fall Follies ULR Contest


My guess is that you are not a member of the ultralightdx group and, possibly that you did not reread the Official Rules for the Fall Follies.  The Rules on time are very clear. I try to copy the irca list on important ultralight business, but I failed to do so when I responded to Kirk Allen's question about 8 hours aggregate vs. 4 hours aggregate.  Here is a copy of my message from ultralightdx.

Sorry for the confusion:

Hi Guys,
I'm a bit confused on the rule for the most stations heard. In the
pdf file I saved from, the rules say a total listening time
of 4 hours, but this posting states 8 hours. Maybe I missed
something, but could one of you guys help clarify this for me?
Thanks. I hope everyone enjoys the competition.
Kirk Allen
JRC NRD-515, Eton E-100, Sony SRF-59
Ponca City, Oklahoma

Oh, DANG IT ALL!!!  The official rules govern, of course. Its four hours, to be broken in a maximum of 8 segments, each a minimum of 30 minutes and my failing brain just mushed all of that together, DANG IT!

*****4 hours*****

Thanks to Eagle Eye Kirk Allen for spotting my error. Sorry for the confusion.

John Bryant!

At 10:00 AM 10/27/2008 -0400, HASCALL, DAVID CIV DFAS wrote:
John and all;

I had asked this question on ULR forum but no replies, save for

I *thought* that I understood the Fall Follies contest but something
that I read the other day has clouded my vision of it.

I was under the impression that for the total stations heard contests,
you could listen for up to four hours, with up to 8 periods. After
reading a note from John Bryant (on the IRCA reflector), I see 8 hours
mentioned. I must have missed something. Can someone clarify?

***from John Bryant: Two of the contests (the most stations heard within
an aggregate eight hours of DXing, Barefoot or Unlimited Classes,
require a fair amount of time (at least 8 hours at he dials.)

***From the contest rules on but the total listening time shall
not exceed 4 hours and no session shall be less than 30 minutes of
continuous DXing.

Thanks for any clarifications. I appreciate the efforts!

73 and Good Luck!

Dave in Indy

PS: I have not started contesting yet - not due to the question above
but due to time constraints.  I predict that the band will die, when I
start. dh

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