ferrite antennas

terribly wet

(I posted this also in another group)

I know this is not buy/sell here but any suggestions as to a ferrite antenna and who sells them and any economical ?

C Crane..theirs ?? $99 ??? Any Good ?

(anybody have one ??)

It can be a miracle on AM BCB to reduce some signals to hear others.

My old Radio West Ferrite Loop sort of 'imploded'. (or exploded ?)

I was outside at about 4am and heard sounds in the house. I had the thing 'sitting on something'. I find the antenna in 50 million pieces. (hmmm..does ferrite get brittle with age ?)

o--nobody admits to anything... It's like somebody took a hammer to it)

I still wish to re-construct the thing if I had the 'ferrite values' of rods and got the time to study the 'inductor' over the rods and the pre-amp.

Ferrite antennas. Anybody market them besides C Crane ? or maybe theirs is wonderful ??

Here in Ultra-Light world do they all have to be matched to a specific radio ? (what is available)

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