Re: New State Last Night and UNIDs

Kirk Allen <kirk74601@...>

Actually no I was listening to the E-100 barefoot. With those really
jammed up frequencies, sometimes it seems the Select-a-Tenna only
makes reception even tougher. Be sure to read the article posted on regarding the use of passive antennas/antennae. I hope the
author of this very interesting and informative article will forgive
me...I cannot remember who wrote it. I need to read it again to help
absorb more of the article.
Later, amigo.

Kirk Allen
Ponca City, OK

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--- Kirk;
Congratulations on catching South Carolina on an ULR and on a
graveyard frequency at that ! WOW!That is some catch from Oklahoma!
Concerning stations on 600 kHz,i don,t know.I have only heard 3
stations that i can think of from the U.S. on 600-WMT,WREC in
Memphis,Tn and KTBB in Tyler,Tx.
I will have to try for that South Carolina station on 1400 from
here.I should be able to hear it.By the way,were you using the
a-tenna on that log ?
Carl DeWhitt

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