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Many thanks for the prompt reponse, much appreciated.
The CD1622CD data will be very helpful when I get round
to "tinkering". The Elektor design looks very interesting,
but would be quite an investment. With SSB and DRM
it would be very tempting! I wonder if I could use a dissected
SRF-59 or other for first IF onwards, with a homebuild frontend,
and get similar results. But maybe Im back into dream-mode...


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I uploaded the CD1622CD PDF data sheet to the files section in the
"Alignment and Modification" folder. It is very difficult to locate
this data sheet on the internet.

The Elektor DSP radio is here:

For $3.60US you can download the 2 part Elektor article about this
receiver. It is very informative regarding implementation of the
Si4735, or Si4734, in the construction of a DSP receiver.

Rick W4DST


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