The Challenge - Day 3

Kevin Schanilec

Hi all:

I was able to put in about 3.5 hours in last night on the barefoot PL-310 and netted 19 more for the Challenge, including one new one (1260-KBLY out of Idaho Falls, ID) for the overall log. That brings the three-day Challenge total to 157 heard, which is already a lot higher than I thought I would get.

It's certainly getting more challenging to scare up new ones, but there are various spots on the dial which should still bear fruit, including the as-yet untouched graveyard frequencies. How many I end up with after 7 and 30 days is secondary to the renewed interest in mining the dial that the Challenge has brought!

I briefly tried the Tecsun 911 and Sangean DT400W last night. I was struck at how much more sensitive and selective the Tecsun PL-310 is, especially in the RF zoo near Seattle in which I live, so I went back to it. I think I will try to align the other two to make sure, since the various hets/tones on the PL-310 can be a bit wearing; the tones generally disappear with a little more signal, say from a passive loop like the Terk, but I am trying to resist the urge to use an external antenna and stay barefoot.

Kevin S
Bainbridge Island, WA

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