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I'm wondering if it's the ICF-R351? If you go on e-bay, it's $125 (probably much lower in Japan...when googleing that model, a Japanese consortium of stores came up with prices as low as $84). It is listed as high sensitivity due to longer ferrite which offers 3db greater sensitivity.

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On 27/12/2010 2:48 PM, Jay Heyl wrote:
A couple months ago my brother was in Asia for several weeks, stopping twice in Japan. Before he left I asked if he got some time if he could take a look for a Sony SRF-T615, with an upper price limit of $100. He didn't mention anything about it on his return so I figured he didn't get time to go shopping. To my surprise, it showed up under the Christmas tree when we exchanged gifts. 

He said he had to take three trains to get to the right place and then spend a bunch of time in the store trying to find someone who spoke English. The young woman who waited on him said Sony had a newer model that was better. Sadly, my brother didn't think to ask about the model number. He decided to stick with what I had specified. Not that I'm not happy with the T615, but I'm curious if anyone has any knowledge of this newer, "better" model. 

  -- Jay

Jay...I hope you enjoy the T-615..........I wouldn't trade mine for anything!!! If there's a Better Sony out there....I'm not aware of it. But...if you find one...please let us know, as I'd definitely be interested!!!

Have Fun with the T-615!!

73...ROB VA3SW

Robert S. Ross
London, Ontario CANADA

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