New State Last Night and UNIDs

Kirk Allen <kirk74601@...>

Not an overwhelming amount of luck last night, BUT I did manage to log
a new state (#27) on the E-100.

1400, WSPG, Spartenburg, SC, 0031-0100 UT, 10/26. Carrying ESPN net
pgm'g til ID at 0100. This logging was pure luck. The freq was terribly
jammed up. This sta was the only one that faded up above the garbled

600, UNIDs, 0410-0430 UT, 10/26. WMT, Cedar Rapids, IA was in here but
there were two other stations that would fade up around the same time.
They were carrying the same programming which was one of the talk radio
nets. This created a very loud echo effect during their fade ups. I
couldn't find any listings for 2 stations on this freq carrying the
same talk show network. Any ideas?

73 and Good DX!

Kirk Allen
Ponca City, OK

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