New Canadian Province 12/16/10


The cold weather and snow continue to bring in exceptional reception conditions to the north and northwest.
Sorry about the late posting but with getting ready for Christmas I am really behind in transcribing my tapes.
On 12/16 the band really opened up to the north with a lot of new stations from MN, ND, SK, AB and MB. The reception basically followed the sunset but peaked at 2000 CST with a constant, solid and strong signal from CKST Vancouver BC on 1040 kHz. What I heard was:
An ad for Alpine Credit w/web site Then an ad for Key West Ford with web site reference of " Located at 301 Stewardson Way, New Westminster."
Then "KST Vancouver. Now a radio sports update from Vancouver's flagship sports station the Team 1040 and Team 1410. Good evening, I'm Karen (?). Your Vancouver Knucks will be hosting the Maple Leafs Saturday afternoon at home." Then more hockey scores and info and then fades out.
This was completely unexpected and lasted a good 5 minutes. If I would have been smart I should have quickly checked for the WA stations but I didn't. I never expected the reception to go out that far NW. CKST must have still been on their 50k daytime power. WHO was there but couldn't keep up with CKST. (Canadian Province #6).
I have a lot of new stations but that will have to wait as I am way behind on my Christmas shopping and gift wrapping. Merry Christmas everybody!

Lake Villa

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