Re: Sony ICF-S10MK2, ICF-38

Marc Coevoet

Op 21-12-10 21:38, Richard Berler schreef:
The SONY ICF-38 indeed does have a harder time re selectivity with the
locals during daytime patterns/power. Even so, I could usually hear
stations 20 KHz away from locals. The exceptions were stations
sandwiched between locals 30-40 KHz apart, and the 1550 KHz local made
it impossible to hear anything lurking underneath until about 1600 KHz.
No mixing products on the dial. Daytime sensitivity is good, better than
the Tecsun PL-310 and 390.

Can you open the Sony and tell us what (CXA) chip is inside?

And while open, how long is the ferrite bar?

And .. pictures ...


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