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ferrite61 <dxrx@...>

Agreed Rob. I'll put the barefoot PL-310 on it tonite at 1630 and see whats there.

BTW I've spent a lot of time here on 940 after sunset recently in hopes of SK. All I'm getting is Webster, MA, and Penna. until SST.

Paul S. in CT

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On 21/12/2010 1:18 AM, ferrite61 wrote:

I googled both of your slogans-phrases and only one station got
referenced... at the top of the list of both inquiries is WCON
Cornelia, GA. I guess it would depend upon how the radio was aimed...
it reads like your set was aimed more to the west than this station.

Paul S. in CT

1450 UNID UNID Location Dec/19/10 1627-1637 EST EE FAIR
Classic Country Christmas Song 1627-30 EST. ID by Male DJ as
Country Classics AM1450".
More Classic CW Music 1630-34 EST. Another ID as "The Home of
Country Classics AM1450".
Into Country Music by Don Williams..."I Believe in You". 1634-37 Fade.


OK Thanks Paul......I Googled and got the same result, but when I
listened to WCON on their live feed...they did not match up or use that
Slogan. I listened for quite a while and never heard a single ID like
that....whereas the station I Logged used that slogan after nearly every
song. So........I don't think it's WCON???

Regards....ROB VA3SW

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