Re: ULR DX....UNID Classic Country Station on 1450 GraveYard ...................

robert ross

On 21/12/2010 1:18 AM, ferrite61 wrote:

I googled both of your slogans-phrases and only one station got referenced... at the top of the list of both inquiries is WCON Cornelia, GA. I guess it would depend upon how the radio was aimed... it reads like your set was aimed more to the west than this station.

Paul S. in CT
> *******************************************************************************************
> 1450 UNID UNID Location Dec/19/10 1627-1637 EST EE FAIR
> Classic Country Christmas Song 1627-30 EST. ID by Male DJ as "Continuous
> Country Classics AM1450".
> More Classic CW Music 1630-34 EST. Another ID as "The Home of Continuous
> Country Classics AM1450".
> Into Country Music by Don Williams..."I Believe in You". 1634-37 Fade.
> ********************************************************************************************

OK Thanks Paul......I Googled and got the same result, but when I listened to WCON on their live feed...they did not match up or use that Slogan. I listened for quite a while and never heard a single ID like that....whereas the station I Logged used that slogan after nearly every song. So........I don't think it's WCON???

Regards....ROB VA3SW

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