Re: AM STEREO (cQuam) ultralights?


Ya know if you ask me Sonny has never been able to make an FM receiver that was all that great. Their use of a loc/dx switch on just about all of their FM radios pretty much says it all.

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None that is currently in production.

I've owned Sony SRF-A1, SRF-42, SRF-SX100RV; Sangean SR-66; Aiwa CR-D60
and CR-DS805. All are (well ... were) pocket-size AM stereo receivers.
None was particularly good for DX as the had wide filters and unremarkable
nulling capabilities. Also their FM performance was pretty poor.

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I have a little Sony SRF-AX51V (imported from Japan) that I'm rather fond of (though it has an oddball 3/32" headphone jack) and another Japanese import labeled as "ANDO" SS-28 that will decode AM Stereo. Neither are exactly DX rigs, but they're about average in sensitivity and selectivity. Of course they do well with a loop, but what doesn't?
Knowing that it was never very popular so the portable equipment is kinda rare I can't help but be curios if there was or is more than these two models.
I don't think there is a pocketable AM IBOC (YUCK!) radio yet, or if there will ever be, but form what I hear some of the tuners will decode cQuam.

Does anyone know of other ultralight radios that are cQuam AM Stereo computable?

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