Re: AM STEREO (cQuam) ultralights?


Unfortunately WSM pulled the plug on stereo a few years ago. I never was much of a country fan. but it was sad to see such a powerhouse station revert back to mono just the same.

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I have a Radio Shack AM stereo tuner, so I pulled it out to see if any stations would illuminate the stereo indicator. WSM, WABC, WFAN, WCRN, and a Canadian station here in the East near 900 SEEMED to have stereo. Only WSM was playing music as I quickly checked last night. I don't have a stereo amp, so I don't know if it was actually stereo, or just lit the indicator. - FARMERIK

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No that's why I put the word ultralight in quotes, not really qualifies I

The A100 also catered for all the different am stereo standards like the
Harris and Kahn systems

So is that bad now barely any am stereo signals in the US ?? How many
stations left now does anyone know ??

I should have a loook at the amstereoradio yahoo group again I think !

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I'm not sure the SRF-A100 would be considered "ultralight" due to its
length, but it was the best of the Sony AM stereo portables. It also
had switchable bandwidths on AM. As someone else posted in this
thread, the FM performance was (and is) awful, but the AM section is
quite sweet.

Audiocubes may still have the SRF-AX15 and the SRF-A300, but with a
near-total absence of AM stereo signals in the United States, it would
hardly seem to be worth it.

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