Re: AM STEREO (cQuam) ultralights?


Sadly you can't run cQuam and IBOC at the same time, and mono station have to cut their audio back to 5KC. A lot of IBOC receivers will decode Quam, but most have narrow filters so their sound quality isn't up to the old standard.

If you have a nice wide receiver and tune in a station running IBOC instead of getting some nice treble response you'll hear the hash. Yes, they are actually interfering with their own signals as well as making their audio sound worse on both the analog form AND the far too compressed to sound decent digital form too. Go fugue.

--- In ultralightdx@..., Dave <amstereofan@...> wrote:

Of course given my nickname I am a huge fan of am stereo !

The only 'ultralight' I can think of and which I got off ebay a few years
ago is the Sony SRF-A100

Has'nt IBOC made in nessasary for any of the existing C-QUAM stations to
half their bandwidth ???

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