Re: Best DSP`rig?


Oh I don't mind not having a keypad at all.There's nothing wrong with a little good ol' turn-the-knob and spin-the-dial technology...something that's sorely lacking in this day and age. It just seems more...well..."radiolike" then mashing buttons.

Ya know with the bigger stuff I still find myself setting aside the Grundig G5 and or Sony 7600, ect. to reach for my old Panasonic RF-2200 or even a cheezy old Realistic DX-100 or old "mutiband" radio just because it's so fun to be able to simply dial things in.

Same thing with a good ol' transistor radios or an early "walkman" type. There's just so much fun to use.

I have a feeling the little '606 will be right up my ally. Thanks for the info. Looks like Joyce'll be getting another order soon.

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Gary did an excellent review of these three stellar performers. Having
just purchased the PL-606 myself, I would go out on a thin limb and say
that if you can live without the keypad, get the PL-606. I think it's
the best of the three for local and DX AM signals. All three radios are
great, but I feel the 606 is a little better.


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