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Thanks for the info. What a well thought out and informative review too.

Looks like I'll be going with the '606...though I have to admit that the PL-390 is tempting. I can easy see the '606 finding a home in my pocket.

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Hi Jimmy,

The three currently most popular DSP Ultralights (Tecsun PL-310, PL-380 and
PL-606 models) were extensively compared on all four bands as part of the
new PL-606 review, which may provide useful information for your decision.
The 6-page review is posted at _
( , and is also posted in the
Ultralightdx and DXer.Ca file sections.

73 and Good DX,
Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA, USA)

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Looking to get into a new DSP radio Something that's sensitive and
selective on the MW/AM dial. Good FM is nice too, but were it not for trees I'd be
within eyesight (about 1/3 mile away) of a NASTY 100KW FM blowtorch that
slops over quite a bit of the dial on even my best radios. With most
stations it would probably be a bit of an issue, but you'd swear this one was
trying to transmit by using a coat hanger for an antenna. The good news is that
it's low on the dial (91.1) so it mostly messes with other church stations
that I wouldn't want to tune into anyway.

SW isn't too much of an issue. To me a SW radio without SSB capability is
kinda like going to the beach without going into the but kinda
pointless. I like to occasionally tune in WBCQ and to dial around to see
what's out there, but for the most part save the SWLing for a radio that'll
get more than just broadcast and the few hams that run AM.
I'm hoping for a day when there's something I can fit in my pocket that'll
do SSB too..though I'm fond of the little Grundig G6 it's just a little
too thick.

The only experience I've had with DSP rigs is a Degen DE1123 (a.k.a. Kaito
KA1123). It seems to perform ok in noisy (high r.f.i.) environments, but
other than that it's mediocre to say the lest. My old Rat Shack Realistic
"PortaVistion" 12-174 (Sangen DT-200V) and DT-200VX blow it away.

I was looking into the Kchibo D96L, but the off the wall battery is a bit
of a turn-off.

I'm also looking at perhaps Tecsun PL390 though I know it's not quite an
ultralight. If it's performance is better than the others I'd be willing to
overlook it's bigger size, though.

So what's my best bet for a DSP pocket radio that's good on AM/MW?

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