Re: White Noise PL 606

Kevin Schanilec

Hi EF:

I too hear the white noise - my high-frequency hearing is still quite good, so I am very sensitive to it. I hear it on all of my ULRs to one extent or another, and even on larger portables.

Fortunately there is a cheap and effective fix for headphone use: a volume attenuator, such as the Radio Shack model:
There are dual 470 ohm potentiometers in there.

By adding some attenuation and then turning up the radio's volume a couple more notches to compensate, the white noise is gone. There are apparently two reasons: one is that the radio's volume is much higher above its own noise floor. Also, my forays into audiophile-dome indicate that part of the problem is that many headphones have low impedances, which also leads to the noise; the attenuator adds a bunch more impedance.

At any rate, I now have 2-3 of these headphone volume attenuators here at home to make sure I can find at least one of them to listen with, and couldn't live without them. Since they have a very fine degree of control, I also use them to cut the volume wwaayy low when drifting off to sleep with ear buds on, and also to provide the proper signal level for recording into my little Olympus digital voice recorder (which would otherwise distort when fed through the MIC jack). I also use one to pipe the radio's audio into a nice 3-piece computer speaker system.

If the speaker also has the white noise, prying the case open and placing a small-value resistor in series with the speaker may do the trick, mimicking what the headphone volume attenuator does.

Hope this helps - Kevin S

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Hi all,

I've had this receiver for a few days now, and am bothered by the white noise in the background, it's especially noticeable when using headphones. I would describe it as a steady rain sound that's always there, even on the strong locals. If I turn the volume down to zero, it's still there. There's nothing like this on my G6 or E-1, so it's not noise coming from in or around the house. It's on all bands,all selectivity positions, and on the FM as well. Anyone else have this, or is this 606 just a bad example of the breed? All the functions work, I have it set for the 10 khz spacing, the receiver seems to be as sensitive as the G6, but the white noise is distracting to say the least. At this point, for general listening as well as a travel radio the G6 wins hands down.


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