Re: Filter width on DSP radios

Marc Coevoet

Op 19-12-10 22:15, dhsatyadhana schreef:
Hi Gary:

At the beach last time listening to split frequency targets, I did some
comparisons between DSP filtering and the outstanding 2.4 khz Murata
filter that has found its way into a lot of Eton e100's and CCrane
SWP's. The Murata is tighter than the 1 khz (2 khz total) filter on the
DSP radios, so kudos to Murata for still having the best filtering. For
instance, listening to 738 under a domestic on 740, the Murata has less
slop when the receiver is detuned by a khz to 737. So, the 1 khz DSP
setting might be better compared to a 2.8 khz "regular" filter - still
pretty darn good.

I am not sure is the slop coming from the 740Khz station, or is the slop coming from the detoriation of all signals?


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