unid help

Carl DeWhitt

I may need some help with the following stations:
At 2304-2311 EDT 10.14.08 i had the following station:
WLOL 930 "Gospel ..am 930 WLOL" and an ad for Heavenly Christian
bookstore.However i can not find a match in my online searching.
WORD 1300-i thought this on id,ed as nx radio 1300 WORD ,Greenville.But
i did not find a match.heard 10.19.08 at 1829--1831 EDT.
WGPS 860. i.d. i thought i heard"forget the talk ,we like to
rock,oldies 860,WGPS" heard 10.24.08 at 2026-2040 EDT.No match found.
WBHB 800-I thought this was the i.d. on this one 'nx radio...WBHB'
heard 10.25.08 at 2043-2045 EDT.no match found.
WCVR 1160-This station id,ed as being in New York.They were carrying
Notre Dame football and had an ad for the Princeton Longevity center.I
can not find a match on the calls.heard 10.25.08 at 2137-2139 EDT.

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