Re: New State Last Night and UNIDs

Carl DeWhitt

--- Kirk;
Congratulations on catching South Carolina on an ULR and on a
graveyard frequency at that ! WOW!That is some catch from Oklahoma!
Concerning stations on 600 kHz,i don,t know.I have only heard 3
stations that i can think of from the U.S. on 600-WMT,WREC in
Memphis,Tn and KTBB in Tyler,Tx.
I will have to try for that South Carolina station on 1400 from
here.I should be able to hear it.By the way,were you using the select-
a-tenna on that log ?
Carl DeWhitt

In ultralightdx@..., "Kirk Allen" <kirk74601@...> wrote:

Forgive me if a post similar to this shows up ahead of this repeat.
just tried to post this info, but I've been unable to see it appear
for some reason. Must be one of those cyber gremlins.

Anyway, last night I logged a new state (#27) on the E-100.
Allen, on your new state!

1400, WSPG, Spartenburg, SC, 0031-0100 UTC, 10/26. ESPN pgm'g til
0100. Very lucky to catch this one because the freq was really
up. This was the only station that faded up enough to even have a
chance at copying.

600, UNIDs, 0410-0430, 10/26. Two UNID stations here airing the
talk show format network (not sure which one). WMT, Cedar Rapids,
was audible also. The two unknowns were fading up and down at about
the same times creating a very loud echo effect during their peaks.
Can't find any 2 stations on this freq that carry the same talk
network. Any ideas??

73 to Everyone!

Kitrk Allen
Ponca City, OK

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