New Stations Heard 12/9 to 12/13


Hi everybody,

Reception conditions are still exceptionally good. Must be the bitterly cold snowy weather we are having. I never thought there would be an upside to this weather but being inside has allowed me to spend even more time at the dials.
Below are my loggings:
My receivers include a Tecsun PL-380 and a PL-310. All station ID's are recorded on the total recorder or a Sony recorder. The times are CST.

1010 0600 WHIN Gallatin TN "WHIN brings you..."
1200 0710 CFGO Ottawa ON "CFGO sports 1200."
1460 1803 KDMA Montevido MN. "KW lite country KDMA" "170 ... Drive Mankato MN"
1490 1857 WLFN La Crosse WI. "WLFN La Crosse, a service of the Wis. radio network"

1420 0455 WHK Cleveland OH. "News-talk 1420 WHK. Now it's your local news update."
1060 0603 KFIL Preston MN. "Mornings on KFIL"
760 0756 KCCV Overland Park KS. "From KCCV Overland Park"
1330 1802 WLOL Minneapolis MN. "...1330 WLOL"

640 0358 WWLS Moore OK. "WWLS no nonsense... from Tulsa...ESPN radio"
850 0700 WKNR Cleveland OH. "Your home for ESPN Radio. ESPN 850 WKNR Cleveland"

1570 0659 KVTK Vermillion SD. "The ticket 1570 KVTK Vermillion"
1380 1659 CKPC Brantford ON. "From the CKPC news center this is an information update on AM 1380.
1350 1704 WNVA Norton VA. "Your bluegrass destination for ... WNVA. Join us every Mon. and Wed. evening at 6 pm for down home bluegrass on WNVA.

910 0458 WFDF Farmington Hills MI. "This is WFDF and WFDF HD1 in Farmington Hills MI."

There are a lot of 300 mile stations popping up and fortunately some of them are not the usual regulars that I hear. 350 stations has come and gone and the dream of 400 could just be a reality this season. It certainly is a driving force to get me back to the radio each day.

Totals now are 381 stations, 35 states, 5 Canadian provinces and 4 countries.

Lake Villa, IL

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