UL Posts and Whatnot- Last Night

John Cereghin <pastor@...>

Broke out the SFr-59 for some barefoot DXing last night, in
conjunction with the Follies and the 300-in-30 Days Challenge.

1. WQAM-560 Miami in well last night, with "Newsradio 610" and Miami
traffic reports

2. Is WQTM-740 in Orlando in Spanish now? If so, I probably hand them
under Toronto, so a good Florida night last night.

3. Who was running classic country on 770 under WABC at 2145 Eastern?
Couldn't get an ID but still a rather decent signal.

Got 15 more stations for the challenge yesterday, including
WQAM-560 Miami
WJRZ-620 Knoxville TN
KOA-850 Denver, in very well yesterday at sunrise. A relog but they
have been very regular so far this season.
WWDR-1080 Murfreesboro NC under WTIC
WYRM-1110 Norfolk VA. Somehow, this one has always eluded me, despite
50 kw daytime power and only 170 miles away.
WMET-1160 Gaithersburg MD with James Madison University football
WHVR-1280 Hanover PA with Penn State football. The Spanish station in
NYC usually dominates here
WBOB-1320 Jacksonville FL- a new station

I now have 266 stations for the challenge after 18 days- 12 days and
34 stations to go!

John Cereghin WDX3IAO
Smyrna DE

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