Puyallup, WA TP's for 10-26-- Ultralights Rule

Gary DeBock

Good Morning,
     Decent TP conditions continued here again today, with a new barefoot TP country provided by a booming VOR-648 (Russia) logging on a Sangean DT-400W Ultralight at 1419.  The modified E100 (Slider loopstick + IF filter) also managed a couple of fairly distant re-logs for the Ultralight contest, with VOV-675 at 1437, and Taiwan Fisheries-738 at 1413.
     The most interesting logging, however, was audio on 837 on both the modified ICF-2010 and E100 at 1413.  Expecting to hear Japanese or Korean, the audio was apparently neither, but sounded like Mandarin Chinese.  Did anyone else hear 837 audio this morning?
     I'm happy John is using his Slider E100 at Orcas, which really opens up a thrilling new world of weak-signal Ultralight DX.
     73,  Gary.

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