New stations heard 12/2 to 12/8


Hi everybody,

Reception over the past two weeks has been exceptional. I found that if I set aside 4 hours around sunrise and 4 hours at sunset to listen, the band comes alive with new stations. Sometimes unpredictable but reception usually follows the movement of the sun. I'm slowly catching on.

Below are my loggings:

My receivers include a Tecsun PL-380 and a PL-310. All station ID's are recorded on the total recorder or a Sony recorder. The times are CST.

1520 1500 KMSR Mayville ND. "Mike & Mike weekdays early in the morning on ESPN 1520 AM KMSR"
990 1759 WGSO New Orleans LA. "WGSO" Pure luck on this one. The call letters were right in a 2 second pause in the voices on CBW.
1570 1900 WKBH Holmen/La Crosse WI. "Radio 1570 Holmen"

920 0500 CFRY Portage La Prairie MB. "CFRY ... radio ..."
580 0558 WGAC Augusta GA. "Ron ... 3 to 6 ... talk WGAC"
740 0658 KRMG Tulsa OK. "News talk 740 KRMG"
1190 0753 KPHN Kansas City MO. Disney..."on KPHN Kansas City"
980 0801 KMBZ Kansas City MO. "Radio 980 KMBZ"
1430 1758 WBEV Beaver Dam WI. "For the Green Bay Packers, Wis. Badgers and Milwaukee Brewers, AM 1430 WBEV"

1270 0258 WLIK Newport KY. "Since 1954, this is WLIK Newport KY"
630 0356 KJSL St. Louis MO. "Truth talk radio KJSL"
1520 0657 WQCT Bryan OH. "Your station for good time oldies. AM 1520 WQCT"
1270 1700 WAIN Columbia KY. "Classic hits from the 70's WAIN Columbia"
1520 1800 WWKB Buffalo NY. "AM 1520 WWKB Buffalo"

1600 0500 WAAM Ann Arbor MI. "This is AM 1500 WAAM"
1070 0557 KHMO Hannibal MO. Local weather then "KHMO Hannibal"
1480 0655 WSPY Geneva IL. "Classic hits on 1480, WSPY Geneva"
1380 1858 WKJG Fort Wayne IN. "ESPN Network...WKJG Fort Wayne"
1420 1902 WINI Murphysboro IL. "AM 1420 WINI"

1290 0400 KKAR Omaha NE. "KKAR Omaha"
550 0456 WSAU Wausau WI. "It's 16 degrees...WSAU news"
970 0600 WFUN Ashtabula OH. ESPN 970 WFUN"
690 0700 WJOX Birmingham AL. "WJOX and WJOX...Birmingham"
1140 1558 WVEL Pekin IL. "Join us weekdays for the mark of the woods on WVEL the Christian voice"

1430 0400 CHKT Toroto ON. "On clear channel 1430... clear channel radio AM 1430 CHKT"
930 0657 KWOC Pplar Bluff MO. "Taking America by storm. Weekday afternoons at 2 on news-talk KWOC" Local WAUR quiet but carrier up.
910 0728 WDOR Sturgeon Bay WI. "Partly cloudy skies today WDOR and WDOR FM Sturgeon Bay WI"
880 1556 WMEQ Menomonee WI. "WMEQ… now from NY the Fox report"
1450 1612 WLYV Fort Wayne IN. "Young girl slowly saying "W-L-Y-V Fort Wayne"
1520 1800 WMLM St Louis MI. "Celebrating 30 years of providing CW music, this is WMLM St. Louis"
920 1857 WMPL Hancock MI. "You're listening to 920 AM WMPL Hancock"

900 0600 WCER Canton OH. "It's 7 o'clock and time for the news on news-talk WCER 900"
990 1459 WCAZ Carthage IL. "WCAZ Carthage"
1440 1505 WNFL Green Bay WI. "This is 1440 WNFL Green Bay"

I'm putting in a lot of hours (retirement is great) but the stations are out there. While no new states have been heard, reception within 500 miles is very good and ever changing. New regionals are being heard under locals and some of the big clear channel powerhouses are disappearing to reveal new stations.

Totals now are 355 stations, 34 states, 5 Canadian provinces and 4 countries.

Lake Villa, IL

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