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Welcome to ultralightdx!  You mentioned needing a comprehensive list of broadcast band stations.... I'd been meaning to write to you about that.  My favorite web site is  THat is a two part site.... on the right-hand side, you can search a particular frequency for call letters (including a nice "fuzzy search" feature) or you can search a particular frequency by format of the broadcast.  On the left-hand side, you can put your home geo coordinates into the blanks (just have to enter once) and then type in the call letters.... searches every frequency for the station, gives you all sorts of info on the station and the distance from you to them, etc.

Another good one is

A third one that is a more conventional listing, and very good, is

Then you have to start looking for individual countries.  You can google Fred Cantu's site for Mexicans and Bruce Conti has an EXCELLENT Cuban list.

There may be other resources out there that other members could suggest. Perhaps we should put these things in the Links section of our website.  I know that there are some amateur radio operators interested in ultralighting and they are probably like Kirk.... relying on memories that are 20 or 30 years old, as far as BCB DXing is concerned.

Anyone else out there with suggestions?

John B.

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Hi Everyone,

I just joined this group thanks to info from my old friend, John Bryant. I'm very new to this aspect of MW DX'ing. Also tnx to John, I'm using an SRF-59. Due to time constraints during the night and early mornings, I've only just begun, but looking forward to many more hours of fun with this. I'm an old (literally)  DX'er starting in the early 1980's but mainly on the HF bands. I've not heard any station that's considered outstanding yet. Have only hrd one XE that I could ID on 850 kHz-XEM, R. Exitos, but have heard a few domestic stations that I  don't believe I've ever logged before (but my memory for MW is rather faint.) I intend on finding a comprehensive listing of MW stations asap. Any suggestions? Greeting to all and 73!

Kirk Allen


Ponca City, OK



John B.
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