Puyallup, WA TP's for 10-25-- Four Barefoot Ultralight TP's

Gary DeBock

Hello Guys,
     The Fall Follies contest will certainly have some serious distance mileage complied by the Northwest TP-chasing group, unlike the March Sprint contest.
     With fairly decent conditions here, the usual powerhouses were booming in, providing solid loggings on a stock Sangean DT-400W of JOAK-594 (141`7 UTC), JOIB-747 1431), JOBB-828 (1419) and HLCA-972 (1433).  The big distance prizes,  Thailand -1575 and Vietnam-675, were below the Sangean's audio threshold level, however.  Somebody at Grayland probably could have logged them easily. 
     The fully modified (Slider + Murata IF filter)  E100 had no new TP's logged this morning, but with 50 received already, they are becoming more challenging.  With KHHO-850 IBOC silent again, 837 had weak audio on the 30" loopstick ICF-2010 (presumed NHK1), but not on the E100.  HLKR-864 had a decent signal again on both radios, and at 1410, JOHK-891 was the strongest it has been all season.
     Hopefully these productive conditions will continue throughout the Ultralight DX contest.
     73,  Gary   

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