Hi Ray:

Welcome to the fun! Be prepared to have your enthusiasm for DXing
ratcheted up a few notches.

Coincidentally, I just published an updated list of definitions that we
use to approve receivers as Ultralights - see the downloads section at These are used to determine which receivers can be entered into
contests and set new records, but of course we can DX on a regular basis
with any receiver we choose.

In looking a the Definitions for the Sony ICF-SW-12, its overall size and
functionality appear to meet the requirements. Unfortunately, I was not
able to find any for sale new or used, and it looks like it retailed for
$129 when it was on the market, so these would preclude it from being able
to be considered a contest/recordbook UltraLight. The intent behind these
availability and cost criteria is that we would like others in the hobby
to be able to use the same rig.

So, for the current Fall Follies and the world records, the SW12 wouldn't
be eligible, although I would be curious how this vintage rig works as a
daily receiver, so feel free to keep racking up the DX. Also, if you
would like a free, no strings attached Sony SRF-59 (the one that started
all this) that's been fully aligned, contact me off-line at
satya@... with your address and I will get one in the mail to you
ASAP. As it turns out, I have more radios than..., well, let's say more
than two...

Regards - Kevin S
Bainbridge Island, WA

Being new to Ultralight DX ,I'm a bit confused about which radios
are considered to be legitimate Ultralight DX rigs? Are legitimate
Ultralight Radios defined by cost,size or lack of external antenna?

I've recently acquired a Sony ICF SW12 and I've been pleasantly
surprised by its performance on Medium Wave. Its performance nearly
matches the reception that I get on the Grundig Satellit 800!

So, is a Sony ICFSW12, a legitimate rig?


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