Re: Sony D-NF610

Peter 1956

Hello Mark,

I was wondering that too. I used to have a Sony NF610, and the AM radio does seem similar to that in the SRF-37. It has very wide bandwidth but very sensitive. I only read of how good an SRF-37 is after I no longer had the NF-610 (It got left behind in my travels) It was good at receiving European stations from Tanzania I remember.

Peter, Blackpool UK

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I use a Sony D-NF610 FM/AM/TV/Weather/CD quite a bit. I usually keep an
MP3 language learning disk in it... I rotate Spanish, French and Japanese, but
most of the time I use it for AM. I wonder if it is "powered" by the same chip
as the SONY SRF-M37????? The radio is pretty good in it, better than I expected
when I bought it. I wrap a few turns of wire around it that is connected to a
75' longwire and it does a good job... AND if you just use the radio it runs for
quite a while on the 2 AAs.. If it is the same radio as the SRF-M37 I will keep
my eyes open for one... as I don't imagine the D-NF610 is considered a "legal"


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