Re: The Super Select-A-Tenna: a real sleeper

Kevin Schanilec

Thanks Gary - it was fun to play around with all of the gear :-)

The opened-up Q-Stick was a gift from another DXer who got curious and then apparently no longer needed it. It was fascinating to see what is inside there - really well built.

To repair your loose jack, the plastic case should come apart by running an exacto knife along the glue seam, or maybe a fine Dremel tip depending on how much resistance it puts up. Of course, the trick is to have the right adhesive to glue it back together - don't know what that might be.


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Hi Kevin,

Another excellent article!

How did you get your Q-Stick antenna apart? The external antenna jack on mine came loose, and is rattling around inside the case.


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Hi all:

Just posted to Folder 5 here on UltralightDX Group is a review of the Super Select-A-Tenna, as well as a comparison of it to four other commercially available antennas (Quantum QX Loop, C Crane Twin Coil Antenna, Terk Loop and the Quantum Q Stick). See "Comparing Small MW DXing Antennas".

While I purchased the Super SAT on something of a whim, I was very pleasantly surprised with its performance and versatility, and can highly recommend it for those that need a small antenna. It really is a major step forward from the "regular" Select-A-Tenna. It works well with Ultralight and other portables, and with minor augmentation is likely the equivalent of the famous Kiwa air-core loop for tabletop receivers. I also did some simple augmentations to the other antennas, including adding regeneration to the Twin Coil antenna, which may be of interest.

Good DX to you!

Kevin S
Bainbridge Island, WA

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