Re: The Super Select-A-Tenna: a real sleeper

seta <michael.setaazul@...>

Grateful thanks! I have now found and downloaded it
for perusal on the morn. Here its bedtime :-)

I hope someone might have further info on the ICF S11W,
particularly the chip, which presumably predates SRF-59 wizardry.


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Subject: [ultralightdx] Re: The Super Select-A-Tenna: a real sleeper

Hi Michael:

It's in the folder marked "5. Antennas and Equipment" and is called "Comparing Small MW DXing Antennas.pdf".

Regards - Kevin

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I, Dumbo, cannot find "Folder 5" with the Super SAT et al review.

PS : I retrieved an ancient SONY ICF S11W from the loft.
It is not as selective as the SRF-59, but not bad.

Any observations, schematic or data available???


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