Re: The Super Select-A-Tenna: a real sleeper

Kevin Schanilec

Hi Michael:

It's in the folder marked "5. Antennas and Equipment" and is called "Comparing Small MW DXing Antennas.pdf".

Regards - Kevin

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I, Dumbo, cannot find "Folder 5" with the Super SAT et al review.

PS : I retrieved an ancient SONY ICF S11W from the loft.
It is not as selective as the SRF-59, but not bad.

Any observations, schematic or data available???


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I really appreciate your article, reviewing and comparing those amplified antennas. I do own a few of the models you mention,
and it will help me choose which might be next. Like all the review articles on this site, it is well written, well
explained, and the result of tests or comparisons. - Great Job- FARMERIK

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Hi all:

Just posted to Folder 5 here on UltralightDX Group is a review of the Super Select-A-Tenna, as well as a comparison of it
to four other commercially available antennas (Quantum QX Loop, C Crane Twin Coil Antenna, Terk Loop and the Quantum Q
Stick). See "Comparing Small MW DXing Antennas".

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