Great evening for ULR Fall Follies

Allen Willie

  Hi Guys,
Really good evening and early morning to start off the Fall Follies . Notably  the Cuban stations  were present .  Managed to log 5 new ones for the ULR log , 4 of which were new overall
As follows:
570 khz - CMDC  R. Reloj  Santa Clara Cuba   10/25/08   1:52 UTC w/ spamish commentary by man , announcements  and familar time pips
870 khz - CMDT  R. Reloj  Sancti Spiritus Cuba  10/25/08  2:10 UTC w/ spanish by man, time pips
710 khz - CMW  R. Rebelde  La Julia  Cuba  10/25/08    8:20 UTC w/ spanish talk and commentary by man  // 670
740 khz - CFZM Toronto, Ontario  10/25/08   8:15 UTC  w/ song by Neil Diamond , adult standards format muci, ID AM-740
1570 khz - CKMW  Winkler, Manitoba  10/25/08  9:10 UTC w/ country music, "CKMW brings you sports at quarter past the hour" ID
Allen Willie
St. John's, Newfoundland
SRF-M37V barefoot

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